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BeInnovactiv’ 2019 year in review

By 24/12/2019No Comments

It’s this time of the year when you wrap-up, looking back at what you have been doing or achieving…


I cannot believe how fast this year flew away and how far it brought me… And I’m not only speaking in terms of kilometers! Though traveling to South Africa this summer was not planned at all…

In 2019, I celebrated the first anniversary of BeInnovActiv’. But most importantly I come to realize how much I can bring to people and organisations. For those of you who know me… this was nothing I would have bet on.

So what’s so important to keep in mind from the BeInnovactiv’ 2019 year?

When looking back, there is one very feeling I’d like to share. I am GRATEFUL for this year . 2019 was undoubtedly a new chapter in my personal and professional development. I had the chance to take part to some amazing events, being inspired by role models and challenged by mentors and friends.

More than ever maybe, I have developed and nurture my Growth Mindset. From reading a book per week during the first three months of 2019 (then I had to space it up to a book per month), to attending lifelong learning trainings and taking up all opportunities ahead to learn from others, I have reach a new level.

In writing this article together with a short recap video (see BeInnovactiv’ 2019 year in review below), I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. Primarily among those is the chance to constantly try and test new ideas with a group of inspiring partners.


I am grateful as well for the support system I have settled up for myself, not intentionally though. My friends, family and mentors have helped me this year more than ever to fight my impostor syndrome. Or maybe, if I am honest to myself, for the very first time I have allowed myself to ask for help. And to rely on it. Undoubtedly there is still a long way to go on this journey for the control freak that I am. But 2019 has been the year when I broke free from my comfort zone for the better. I wish this is will be new habit of me.

BeInnovactiv’ 2019 year in 3 words?

#DreamBelieveBecome resonates stronger than ever as I am prepping to say bye to 2019.

And I cannot wait to see what 2020 holds in stock! Next challenge will be to find an equilibrium. To walk the talk of what I am so passionate about beside empowerment of human being. That of health enhancing physical activity. In writing this article I am making a commitment to self, in front of you all, to be more intentional in being active myself.

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