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From the individual to the major businesses, we are present at every stage of development to support those who want to change the world through sport and physical activity.
Imagine a world where organisations and systems would be fit for humans and fit for the future!

The sport of tomorrow has to be (re)invented over and over again. Together, let’s move the needle and give everyone the keys to being active citizens.

We equip socially driven sport organisations and individuals with the relationships and resources they need to drive change locally. In particular, we focus on the project and change management skills they need to acquire. With the support of field experts, we help them clarify and move toward their hoped-for future so that they could turn their ambition into a reality and contribute to positive social impact through sport.

BeInnovActiv’ is an invitation to think differently (sometimes what you need to find YOUR solution to a problem is as simple as taking another perspective) and take action.

It is an accompaniment, a way to move the needle and release potential, to act in a good way and with purpose.

It is also a commitment. BeInnovActiv’ ultimately seeks to be a community of sharing, a platform for exchanges where experience and networking blend together so that sports activist experts and players in the field (sport makers” and “move agents“) could develop new offers. In fact, as equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, BeInnovActiv‘ actively foster cross-sector collaboration to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

BeInnovActiv’ is an integrated and holistic approach to the development of individuals and organisations that is based on:




An unusual positionning

The business of helping others!

OUR STORY: Change the world through sport and play

It all started from the meeting of a belief, that sport can be a great tool for development at the service of society and individuals, and an observation: Today there is still much to do. Many initiatives remain embryonic. As a result of a lack of means and tools, projects vegetate because they miss the ingredient that will take them to the next stage.

Our initial dream was therefore simple: “Being a catalyst for socially driven individuals and organisations using sport as a tool for change while contributing moving something forward, to improve the offers and create impact.”

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

Jackie Robinson

In love with words, Carole Ponchon, the founder, has thought and designed BeInnovActiv’ as a force for proposal, an invitation to innovate and take action.

As with any self-respecting seed, the story is not linear. But the germ took on all odds. It started as early as in 2013 with a first initiative oriented towards the recognition of sport and the culture of the movement, focusing in particular on their edutainment dimensions (©Edutainment, contraction of Education and Entertainment).

Then a few years later, once the soil had been well worked, the young seed becomes a more robust bamboo and develops a broader concept.

It took an almost initiatory trip to the United States, as part of a programme of support and personal development for high potential leaders (GSMP-Global Sport Mentoring Program) for the idea to finally make sense and come to life.

All in all, the objective remains the same -to support the sector in its development– but the means and tools made available are intended to be larger.

It is not anymore about communication skills only but also about a process and methodology offering the perspective of organizing oneself better to develop potentials.

What defines us:


There is no naivety in expressing what you think and drawing a clear picture! Transparency, of which the little sister is TRUST, is for us a key factor of development.

Open mindness

Each mission is an opportunity to learn. Inspiration can come from everyone, so it is important to be able to meet all stakeholders and provide a space for collaboration in which everyone feels free to contribute.

Creativity AND Rigour

Too often opposed, these two qualities seem to us the cornerstones of any new approach. Creativity makes it possible to innovate, where rigor makes it possible to advance.

Adaptability AND Agility

To offer you a tailor-made solution, we refuse the "ready to wear". Adaptability is taking into account the specificity of your organisation, its environment and the skills and availability of your team members. We bring you the piece you need, no less-no more!

BeInnovActiv' in action


Projects provided with extented tailor-made support

They made use of our services and competences:


Developed projects

Dream. Believe. Become

This is the path offered by BeInnovActiv’ to unleash the potentials of individuals and organisations. A path echoing this universal life needs for a strong idea, a motor (Dream.), an acceptance of personal and collective possibilities (Believe.) and the development of skills put into action (Become)

We see an endless path, multiple possibilities and therefore a mantra without any endpoint.