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To provide sports organisations with tools and tailor-made support such as project and change management by field experts.

At BeInnovActiv’ our service offer –Coaching and supporting sports organisations: The keys to conduct an Erasmus+ Sport project and / or develop my sport organisation– is based on two main axes:

From the idea to the project
Project Management


BeInnovActiv’ is an invitation to think differently (sometimes what you need to find YOUR solution to a problem is as simple as taking another perspective) and take action.

BeInnovActiv’ special support service, relies on:

providing you with time

co-building through empowerment

opening up opportunities

In choosing to get special support by BeInnovActiv you are offering yourself a program à la carte, a unique experience to meet your needs, especially to pilot an Erasmus+ Sport project. Our philosophy: co-construction! Because we are convinced that you are your Factor X!


In practice, BeInnovActiv’ relies on its knowledge of the sports sector and sports activities as well as its experience of European projects and can help you with:



Project management & evaluation

We help you understand administrative and financial rules, we share tools and tips to improve your productivity in terms of collaboration, we provide feedback on reporting and facilitation of workshops and group meetings, etc. We also contribute to your projects as an external evaluator. So that you can focus on the essentials!

Setting up a communication strategy

From the definition of your objectives and targets to the creation of a project-oriented website and the development of factsheets, video tutorials and animated videos, etc. We accompany you with appropriate tools or refer you to professionals if the need arises.

Developing, creating and running events

Setting up a workshop, a roundtable, a congress ... This requires a good organisation and the ability to solicit a network of expert speakers, not to mention the specific needs in communication and animation of the event. Need a hand, BeInnovactiv' is here to make sure the projectors are where you want them to be.

Support to the development of project and initiative

Put your ideas to music, associate your needs and current opportunities (especially European funding) and define an action plan to develop and submit a project.

Together, we will work on your strengths, your aspirations and the opportunities that come close to them. This will be an opportunity to forge the keys to develop your organization or initiative around sport as a factor of development.


Today there are still too many projects or initiatives remaining embryonic… For lack of time, organization or knowledge. And yet, the needs are there and so are the funding opportunities exist. Why, for example, would you not try to develop and run an Erasmus+ Sport project? What are you missing today?

The advice and support of BeInnovActiv’ will allow you to open the field of your possibilities around a keychain to:

Get your ideas out of your head

Together let’s bring water to the mill of your ideas so that THIS project is born which makes you dream.

Dare to change!

Let’s find ways to innovate within your organisation by building on your strengths and areas of development.

Manage a project from A to Z

We are not born project leader, we become … but accompanied, we go further. Multiply your chances of a strike!

Are you still hesitating?

It’s normal. We are here to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact form.

Last but not least, what may matter most to you and what is most important to us, is what THEY have to say about working with us:

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Chisom Mbonu speaks about Carole

Dream. Believe. Become

This is the path offered by BeInnovActiv’ to unleash the potentials of individuals and organisations. A path echoing this universal life needs for a strong idea, a motor (Dream.), an acceptance of personal and collective possibilities (Believe.) and the development of skills put into action (Become) …

We see an endless path, multiple possibilities and therefore a mantra without any endpoint.