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At BeInnovActiv' we take the time to get to know you and develop quality content. With the European Project Management Course, we make every effort to share with you the knowledge and skills necessary for the proper conduct of your projects and initiatives.

As you will be embarking on a training by BeInnovActiv’  -European project management course- to sharpen your skills be ready to get access to:

20 min of individualized coaching
Live sessions
Previously unseen contents

BeInnovActiv’ currently offers 2 trainings:

From the idea to the project

Stop putting off until tomorrow!

Discover and enrollDiscover and enroll

Go ahead and build YOUR project


A training that adapts to the real life of a project bearer in the making … from the dreamer to the perfectionist victim of the impostor’s syndrome.

Project Management 360°

Take up the reins and become an actor of your success!

Discover and enrollDiscover and enroll

Pick the bricks you need and assemble them to make your project a success


You will get the confirmation that becoming a project manager is not innate but that 80% of the classic mistakes can be avoided with the right mindset and the right tools!

The trainer

The trainings of BeInnovActiv’ are delivered by our founder, Carole Ponchon.

Surprise guests, experts in their field, will sometimes be invited to contribute to shed new light and share their vision and lessons from their experiences.

The sport of tomorrow is again and again to (re) invent. Together, let’s move the lines and give everyone the keys to being active citizens.