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– develop your skills to build an Erasmus+ Sport project.

Stop putting off until tomorrow!

Go ahead and build YOUR project


A training that adapts to the real life of a project bearer in the making … from the dreamer to the perfectionist victim of the impostor’s syndrome.


At BeInnovActiv' we know that sometimes we need a framework and some tips to translate ideas into action.
We have already been there ... Carole, our founder, has long been a "thinker", because it is easier to develop multiple scenarios, to try to anticipate a multitude of situations, rather than to launch and confront our ideas to reality.
Except that we can CHOOSE TO MATTER! In the end, it is only our values turned into actions that define who we are.

So let’s go?!? Ready to start giving life to THIS project that is important to you? Would you dare diving into the building of an Erasmus+ Sport project (or any other kind of project!)?

Before going further in the description of what we are offering as part of this training, here are the needs it is meant to adress:

  • DEFINE YOUR PROJECT: test and validate your idea (s) + boost your creativity = Emergence 
  • ADAPT YOUR PROJECT TO OPPORTUNITIES: present your idea and know how to sell it = Pre-incubation


In order to guarantee the quality of our training and meaningful exchanges, registration for the training course "From idea to project by BeInnovActiv" is limited to 25 students per class.

A new promotion will embark every 2 months. The first promotion of the training course “From the idea to the project by BeinnovActiv‘” will begin in July 2019. Ready to jump-in?

Enjoy the benefit of an early-bird in enrolling now.

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This is that simple. And this our way to thank you for your trust!


This is a question that you only can answer. But if you have reached this point, you probably have two of the qualities you need: the passion to learn and the will to undertake actions.

To go further, and provide you with some answers, the training has been designed for those who are thinking about an idea or a project to advance the cause of sport AND who:

  • Have many ideas but do not know how to prioritize and/or concretize them
  • Are convinced to have an idea that will move the needle forward but can not help to formulate it
  • Need a boost to switch from “thinker” to “doer” mode
  • Have been held back by administrative and financial barriers (real or mental)

Did you recognize yourself in one or more of these statements? We cannot wait to tell you more.

Perhaps are you already more advanced in your project and did not recognize yourself?

Have you thought about the “360 ° Project Management” training?

The benefits of the Training “From the idea to the project by BeInnovActiv ‘”?  A focus on European projects, in particular, Erasmus+.

Ready to build an Erasmus+ Sport project?


At BeInnovActiv' we took the time to look elsewhere and in other sectors for the best in training methodologies and offers. Our goal: to offer you not "what's best", we would not dare pretending it, but rather what would allow the greatest number to acquire a mix of skills, knowledge, and automatisms useful to good and safe running of your projects and initiatives.

While embarking on a BeInnovActiv’ training you will -in addition to the assurance of sharing tools and experiences to finally develop your initiative with confidence and why not build an Erasmus+ Sport project- get access to:

15 min of individualized coaching
Video courses (1 to 3 per module)
A weekly live session (question-answer)
The BeInnovActiv’ community
1 Bonus: A Workbook by BeInnovActiv’

Interested by our method? Register now using the form above and benefit from an early-bird offer.

Do you feel like you would need a more advanced and individualized support? Let’s talk about it!

The trainer

The trainings of BeInnovActiv’ are delivered by our founder, Carole Ponchon.

Surprise guests, experts in their field, will sometimes be invited to contribute to shed new light and share their vision and lessons from their experiences.

The sport of tomorrow is again and again to (re) invent. Together, let’s move the lines and give everyone the keys to being active citizens.